Personal Development (PD)

Please share what personal development (PD) means to you. As for me, PDs reveal areas you may have failed at but are now educated about through learning experiences. A PD could illustrate the stages of life and experiences along the way when HE grants us grace and delivers endless mercy for things we continue to repeat. I further equate PDs to be testimonies, thus I am sharing my own:

  • I aspire to be more vulnerable and trustworthy
  • I wish for close, valued relationships with my brothers
  • I trust God to bring a calmness to both my parent’s spirit
  • I pray to be ‘the’ female-role model to my daughter
  • I believe the average person is honest and kindhearted
  • I desire and hope to become a whole-healthy person to my partner
  • I hope to finally overcome my bullying experience that happened in HS
  • I believe HE has forgiven me for refusing to become a teenage mother, twice
  • I long to be fully accepted for my big heart, curious mind and small physique
  • I pray for continued quality relations between myself and ex-husband for the healthiness of our daughter

Now its your turn …