Taken by Storm

My 9-5 work schedule has taken me by storm because I am often given non-challenging tasks that reminds me of my earlier years in a physical office. Although I am appreciative of the work duties and given assignments at this time in my life, I vaguely recall the feeling of working a structured schedule that was so predictable in a typical day, which, thereby reflects why my life has been physically exhausting for some time. For nearly 6 or so years, I worked from home doing odd jobs that had me nickle and diming because of the flexibility I needed to parent full-time, e.g. attend PTOs, school-community meetings, school-volunteer functions, etc.

Today parenting is still on the forefront but my energies are channeled in a different way because my pre-teen is now mature enough to apply what has been taught, as I find my way to Corporate America again in an actual office space. Do I like it? No. Is it a place where God wants me to be? Yes, at the moment; however, I am still convinced my place of employment in my field of work, i.e. Public Health will eventually find me instead of my finding it. So just thought I’d share a piece of what has been occurring with me for the past week or so. Tedious, tiresome and overwhelming sums it up, but I am grateful for the consistency.

Please stay tuned for the next read, titled Three Little Girls!